quarta-feira, 26 de junho de 2013


nunca me canso de ver este vídeo...

Passing Through from Olafur Haraldsson on Vimeo.


something to give

''A student once came to his teacher and said, “Many of your lessons speak of the blessings that can come through sharing, but I have nothing to give! I have no skills, so I have no work. I have no work, so I have no money.”

The wise sage told his student to stand outside of a nearby building, and to simply say hello and shake hands with each passerby for an entire day. By nightfall the student returned, exclaiming that not only had he made so many friends, but he also had miraculously been given a new job. The manager of the building had seen the student’s warmth, kindness, and generosity towards others, and offered him a position as doorman. 

 The lesson is that we always have something to give, even if it is just a smile or a helping hand.''

by Yehuda Berg

terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Technology as distraction

''We are often lured by the promise of new technologies to make our lives easier and help connect us to others.

While they do so in many ways, they also present each of us with opportunities to make new choices about how we spend our time and invest our energy.

Most gadgets are generally meant to improve the quality of our lives, but it is when we spend too much time with them that they actually do the opposite.

By always using our portable emailers, cell phones, vídeo games, and surfing the Internet, we actually become less connected and more distracted.

By becoming aware of these tendencies, we harness the power to overcome them and make better choices for ourselves and our families.
Once we decide to consciously put our gadgets to work for us, we become masters of our time.

We can give our full attention to whatever we are doing and not let phone conversations and other distractions take the place of human contact.

Each of us has the ability to consciously choose to be more present in our lives.

We can decide at any time to leave our gadgets behind and become aware of the sights and sounds around us in order to expand our awareness and be fully present in our bodies and our surroundings.
When we use our discernment about how we invest our personal energy, we can be sure that we choose only the best for ourselves and those we love.

Our gadgets can be useful tools for our journey in the material world, but we must not forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that means interacting with people on a personal level.

Choices that enliven us and help us feel connected to our world and our loved ones always deserve our full attention and presence of mind, body, and spirit. '' 

by Madisyn Taylor


quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013

Pure Fun

''As adults, we often get so caught up in “grown up” business that we can forget how to have pure fun.

This isn’t the kind of fun that comes from doing a specific kind of activity or being in a specific mood for fun.

Rather, this is the fun born from the state of pure being.

You see this kind of fun in small children who are so busy being fully present to their lives and in their own bodies that the glow of fun radiates from them just because they are alive: the delight that flashes across the eyes of a child who discovers that water flows with the turn of the tap knob or the squeal of pleasure from a young baby whose tongue is being tickled by cold ice cream; then there’s the full, infectious laughter of a child watching the same hat trick for the fiftieth time.

Back when we were children, this experience of pure delight didn’t have to come from a heightened, heady event in order for us to feel like our day had been made; and it can be that way for us again - if we are willing to remember and reconnect with that part of ourselves that knows how to be in the flow of fun. 

You can begin this process by reminiscing on what was fun for you as a child.

Think about what caused you to giggle in delight or wriggle in pleasure or burst into endless laughter that you couldn’t sit up straight no matter how much you wanted to.

Try to spend a few moments with each memory, and really feel what it was like to be in those experiences – allowing that feeling of pure fun to wash over you.

It lives, in you – that feeling. It can’t be bottled, manufactured, or sold.
You just have to call it back up in order to experience it again.
Pure fun happens when we are fully engaged with ourselves and our world in each moment.

It is the spontaneous delight that bubbles out of us when we let go long enough to bring it through;

it is the experience of natural, organic pleasure that springs up from our bellies, through our souls, up through our faces, and down to our toes.

We’ve naturally known how to have pure fun since we were babies and the flicker of lights caused us to jump to attention from the sheer enjoyment of being able to see.

Approach your life today with the knowledge that pure fun isn’t something that is given or done to you; rather, it is something that you allow yourself to experience.  ''


terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013


''A great sage once told a student to carry two notes in his pocket at all times.
In his right pocket, there he should put a note that said, “I am everything!” while in the left pocket another note read, “I am nothing!”

In moments when the student felt he was greater than others, he was to read the note in his left pocket, but when he felt depressed or badly about himself, he was to read the inspirational message to his right.

It’s an important lesson on maintaining balance within our consciousness.
One who is spiritually evolved knows they are never any greater or any less than the person standing next to them''.

by Yehuda Berg

sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

going with the flow

''The expression going with the flow is a metaphor that applies to navigating a river.

When we go with the flow, we follow the current of the river rather than push against it.

People who go with the flow may be interpreted as lazy or passive, but to truly go with the flow requires awareness, presence, and the ability to blend one’s own energy with the prevailing energy.

Going with the flow doesn’t mean we toss our oars into the water and kick back in the boat, hoping for the best.

Going with the flow means we let go of our individual agenda and notice the play of energy all around us. We tap into that energy and flow with it, which gets us going where we need to go a whole lot faster than resistance will.  

(...) We are also open to changing our destination, clinging more to the essence of our goal than to the particulars.

We acknowledge that letting go and modifying our plans is part of the process.

Going with the flow means that we are aware of an energy that is larger than our small selves and we are open to working with it, not against it.
Many of us are afraid of going with the flow because we don’t trust that we will get where we want to go if we do.

This causes us to cling to plans that aren’t working, stick to routes that are obstructed, and obsess over relationships that aren’t fulfilling.

When you find yourself stuck in these kinds of patterns, do yourself a favor and open to the flow of what is rather than resisting it.

Trust that the big river of your life has a plan for you and let it carry you onward.

Throw overboard those things that are weighing you down.

Be open to revising your maps. Take a deep breath and move into the current.''

by Madisyn Taylor, in DailyOm